Ethnic minorities, Muslims, Communists, artists, revolutionaries, and compromise

Art is the answer? who knows?


I am mandrill.

<The present

RED CHARACTERS /The Revolutionary Party & The Compromise Party

I love creativity. There’s something special about encountering someone’s raw, passionate art. It can change your life.

It has the potential to influence the way you see your day, the world, and eternity. At least that was the case for me.

  • 漫画
  • 水墨
  • 藏獒
  • 动物图片
  • 2007行为摄影作品2小丑系列
  • 鸟巢
  • 油画绘画
  • 照片
  • 纸上作品
  • 玻璃
  • 小玩意
  • 2014.7马的雕塑

<The past

The existing state of life is the conflict of

death and life. sometimes,

the creatures in the worldare ageing,

sometimes flourishing,

but what is behind every life is death.

As Sigmund Freud said:

every life has a passion for death.

That’s why life contains death.

That’s an unavoidable fact.

I try to express a relationship of existence

in my works and try to analyze the existence

in reality. The relationship between life,

environment, nature, Culture,

ethnicity, religion,war is complicated.

The forms of life are not pure and simple.

>The future...

I don’t know about others , but I tend to lose my creative edge when I do the same thing,

in the same way, all the time. While routines can be helpful for creativity, they can also kill it.

The key is knowing when to break the routine and try something new. Pick up a new instrument.

Find a new thinking.

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